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Jacob Amtorp was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1963.  He grew up in the wake of the

Scandinavian golden age of design surrounded by beautiful modernistic furniture and designer items.
His passion for design and craftsmanship started at that time, and lead him to the Danish Design

Academy in 1985.

After graduating in 1989, he completed 4 years of studies at the Royal Academy of Architecture in

Copenhagen. For a couple of decades he left the product design subject and went on to work as an

architect for studios in Denmark and Norway. However, his passion for design never left him and he founded

his studio “Amtorp Design” in 2014.

His approach to design is closely related to his experience from working in larger scale, designing

houses and spaces for people.

The renowned scandinavian design tradition, along with the functionalistic movement of the early 20th.

century, has been, still is a great source of inspiration. 

His fascination with materials, Nature and mathematics, and the commonality between these, is present in

the design process from early sketch to technical design.

Due to the critical condition of the planet, regard for the environment, has grown to be a pivotal factor in the

design process. Until, as well as after, the green transition hopefully has gained traction everywhere,

sustainability must be a top priority in all production.


1989:                     Diploma from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - School of Design

1991 - 1995:        4 years of study at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - School of Architecture

1999 - 2014:       Employed at Danish and Norwegian architect studios

2014:                     Amtorp Design studio

2019:                     Member of NIL, The Norwedian association of interior designers and furnituredesigners



2000:     1. prize winner in Paustian design competition: "A workdesk for homeoffices". "Knæleren".


2018:      Finalist in Scandinavian design competition: "Sustainable chairs". "Tropichair".


2021:     "Woodpecker" chosen by The Norwegian Association of furniture

                  and interior designers to be published in NIL yearbook 2021.


2023:     German Design Awards. Winner in the category "Excellent Product Design - Furniture.

                "Woodpecker" collection.


2023:      Red Dot Design Award. Winner. Furniture design. "Woodpecker" dining chair.


2023:      SIT FURNITURE DESIGN AWARD. Winner in Office furniture. "Tekla". 


2024:      Designverse Awards. Winner in Product Design. "Mantis dining chair". 




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